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Thermoluminescence dating laboratories

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Thermoluminescence Laboratory

In nature the two minerals are affected by the radiation to which they are exposed from the omnipresent naturally occurring radioactive elements uranium, thorium and potassium. The radiation transfers energy to electrons which enables them to wander through the crystal. Some will be trapped at localities, called traps, where there are imperfections in the crystal, for example a missing negative ion. The number of trapped electrons is a measure of the radiation dose absorbed by the material. For minerals in Nature the number will also be related to the time elapsed since the traps were last emptied because one can assume that the intensity of the natural background radiation has been constant over the period relevant for TL dating, about one million years. The radiation dose accumulated in quartz and feldspar can be determined by heating the minerals to a temperature of about deg.

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The Limits of TL Thermoluminescence dating of a ceramic requires two steps. The first consists of gauging the accumulated radiation or 'archaeological dose' absorbed by crystals in the ceramic since its firing. Buried terra cottas are irradiated by radioelements in the objects themselves and by those in the soil in which they are buried. To measure accumulated radiation, one tracks the thermoluminescent properties of the crystals -- when heated, they release stored radioactive energy in the form of light. Technicians generally drill out small samples from a piece; only an ounce or two of material is necessary for the test. The second step consists of determining the amount of radiation absorbed yearly by the crystals.

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Our Services Thermoluminescence TL Testing The scientific technique of thermoluminescence TL is used to evaluate the authenticity of archaeological pottery. As pottery ages, it absorbs radiation from its environment. We extract a small sample from each piece we analyze and heat it until it glows with a faint blue light, known as TL. The older the pottery is, the more radiation it will have absorbed, and the brighter it will glow.

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Thermoluminescence dating techniques at the Alligator Rivers Region Research Institute

Chronological Methods 12 - Luminescence Dating Scientists in North America first developed thermoluminescence dating of rock minerals in the s and s, and the University of Oxford, England first developed the thermoluminescence dating of fired ceramics in the s and s. During the s and s scientists at Simon Frasier University, Canada, developed standard thermoluminescence dating procedures used to date sediments. In , they also developed optically stimulated luminescence dating techniques, which use laser light, to date sediments.

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